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Joe E is the inside joke of the Dunec Siblings. Moshe Noach, the eldest of the Dunec clan, first coined the Joe E Tata name while taking his ceremonial bubble bath at the conclusion of the weekly 90210 episode. At first his family was very worried about him, as horrible screams were coming from the bathroom. After an investigation into the situation, and frequent, sometimes intimidating, spasms, it quickly evolved into a stress reliever for him and his younger brother Sean.

Over time, the Joe E Tata name has become synonymous with stress relief and/or extreme exposure to hazardous materials. Shouting "Joe E Tata, YAYAYA" over and over again will quickly alleviate your tribulations and qualms.

Clicking on the link above, a sample of Sean Dunec doing a "Joe E Tata" (patent pending) will instantly rid you of all your worries.


Joe E Tata should not be used by a person currently suffering from high blood pressure, A.D.D., or anyone using a pacemaker and/or currently prescribed to Prozac. Clinical tests have not yet explained or discovered many of Joe E Tata's potentially fatal side-effects.

We will not be held liable for any terminations due to performing a "Joe E Tata" in the office.

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This Site is Owned by Sean Dunec of Toronto, Canada. If you wish to contribute jokes, or other funny things, please submit proposals to Thank you, and enjoy "Joe E Tata"ing!